Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The 2015 ACDA National Conference Post One

Yes, little ones, it is yet again time for the ACDA National Conference, beginning next week in Salt Lake City, which appears to be much warmer right now than my hometown of Chicago (it's five degrees here today- supposed to be five or ten below overnight-brrr).

As many of you know, I try to blog during ACDA regional and national conferences,but I'm not sure how active I will be this year. I have a funny feeling I will be too worn out from all the music and activities and pub-crawling to blog as it all happens. So I may just return to Chicago and do it after the fact. I do know that many people who can't get to a conference love hearing about what went on Maybe I can twitter a bit, we'll see.

Anyway, I am pleased to have pieces in three different reading sessions this year. And I have some details on of one of them, the Music in Worship reading session at 8:30 AM Friday, Feb 27th in ballrooms B and D of the Salt Palace Convention Center (wow, I guess you could take ANYTHING ANYONE says there with grain of salt, huh?)

Ye Olde Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah
So, if you are in Salt Lake City, please drag yourself out of bed Friday morning and come to this reading season if you can. It's a bit of an all-star lineup, and this is all great music- you'll want to hear this! There are a few composer/arrangers and conductors attending that I haven't met yet, but hope to accomplish that (Philip Stopford, for one).

My piece, a gentle little anthem called Late Have I Loved You (text by my bud St Augustine, we used to play bocce ball together) is now being published/distributed by the new company MusicSpoke. You can visit MusicSpoke's website here, read a recent blog about it here, visit their booth at the conference (booth number 8014) anytime, and you can actually come visit with me at the booth Friday afternoon betwixt 3-5 PM.

Here is the reading session info:

Terre Johnson is the R and S national chair. The accompanist will be the very talented Jonathan Crutchfield.

Terre Johnson

Here is a list of composers who will either conduct or be at the piano for their composition:

Terre Johnson
Philip Stopford
Ryan Murphy
Mark Hayes
Dan Forrest
Eric Nelson
Howard Helvey
Paul Carey
Johannes Brahms

And here are the remaining composers of the other pieces as well as the conductors.

Mark Miller
Vicky Thomas
Michel Burkhardt
Randall Bradley
Nathaniel Dett
Tony Leach
M. Roger Holland

Hope to see all y'all at SLC. It looks like an amazing conference!

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