Friday, February 27, 2015

From ACDA 2015- Creating Safe Space: LGBTQ Singers in the Choral Classroom

 Creating Safe Space: LGBTQ Singers in the Choral Classroom

An interest session at the 2105 ACDA National Conference

This was a Wednesday interest session by Paul Caldwell and Josh Palkki. It was heavily attended even though there were two concerts going on at the same time! In addition to presenting their research, Josh and Paul commented succinctly on various aspects of this subject and took some very thoughtful audience comments and questions at the end. This is ground-breaking for ACDA- to my knowledge no one has ever done an interest session on this important topic. Bravo to ACDA decision-makers on choosing to include this session at the conference.

Paul Caldwell

At the end of the session Josh and Paul handed out 1,000 Safe Space stickers for teachers to place on their choir room and/or office doors. Bravo!

Josh Palkki

Also, Josh and Paul never professed to know how to address/solve every nuance of this issue. But just getting it out there and talked about (and research very well by them) is an important first step.

Here is a link to their very fine handout:

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