Monday, March 2, 2015

The 2015 ACDA National Conference- Composers

Hi again,

I'm back in cold Chicago. The ACDA conference was epic, and I've already shared a bunch of things with you. Today, I am going to spotlight the new wave of composers who attended the conference and have opened up shop as independent publishers/distributors of their own music.

You can go visit my series of posts about this sort of thing by going here for the start of a seven-part series I did recently.

Here are composers, co-ops, and alternative distribution folks who had their own booths at ACDA 2015 in Salt Lake City. I hope you will click on the inks and learn more about these folks.

IMP- the collective that includes Jocelyn Hagen, Abbie Betinis, J David Moore, et al

Graphite (Tim Takach and many more represented)

Joan Szymko (Joan was really busy during the conference)

The Choral Composers Collective (Tim Banks, Ken Berg, John Michael Trotta)

Barlow Bradford

Catherine Dalton

Nancy Wertsch

Shawn Kirchner



I am now working with MusicSpoke, a brand new, composer-friendly distributor. We had a very successful reading session at the conference, led by Pete Eklund. Co-founder Kurt Knecht has up-and-coming young composers Dale Trumbore and Connor Koppin, and other talented composers onboard. You'll be seeing some other "name" established composers joining soon as well. Here are the pieces I currently have at MusicSpoke.

Also Northwest Choral Composers (Karen P. Thomas, Reg Unterseher, and John Muehleisen) were also present and handing out info, though they did not run a booth.

This is the wave of the future- a lot of composers who have decided that they can be their own best advocate for the music they write, especially if the piece in mind is not a three-minute EZ octavo. I predict we will see more and more high-end quality-music boutique composer booths in the coming years, especially by the time ACDA 2017 rolls around (to be held in Minneapolis).

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  1. Thanks for including us, Paul. This was a great first outing for the three of us in this way. My idea is that the more we support one another, the greater the benefit for all!
    All the best! Tim Banks
    The Choral Composers Collective
    Tim Banks , Highlands House Music Publications
    Ken Berg, Bella Voce Press
    Michael John Trotta, Hampton Roads Music Group