Sunday, March 1, 2015

High School Reading Session repertoire at 2015 ACDA National Conference

Hi folks-- for those of you not attending the national conference in Salt Lake City here is the rep list from the High School Reading session here:

Moonlight and Rain (published by Pavane)

by Kevin Memley

Cantate Canticum Novum  (Hinshaw)

by Dan Forrest

O Vos Omnes  (Walton)

by David Dickau

The Human Heart  (Walton)

by Eric Barnum

Brainstorm  (Boosey and Hawkes)

by David Brunner

Kde Su Kravy Moje  (Associated/Hal Leonard)
(Where are my Cows?)

I am disappointed that this Slovak folk song never answers the question--where are my darned cows? This reminds me of being with my first son and driving up a winding road to the summit of the tallest mountain in the state of Arkansas (all of about 3,000 feet) and coming across a lone cow hiking up the mountain as well. This was a very strange sight. I suppose perhaps the cow's owner may have been singing this song that day, but maybe in English and accompanied by a banjo?

by H.A. Schimmerling

Peace  (Highgate)

by Stephen Chatman

Esta Tierra Pas   (Walton)
(This Land/Passage)

by Javier Busto

Javier Busto- I love this guys music- so lyrical

One May Morning  (Hal Leonard)

arr. Charlene Archibeque

You are the Fearless Rose  (Colla Voce)

by Z. Randall Stroope

You Better Mind  (Gentry)

ar. by Stacey Gibbs

I Sing Because I'm Happy  (Hal Leonard)

by Rolllo Doworth

Of Crows and Clusters  (Marks/Hal Leonard)

by Norman Dello Joio

Sing Joyfully Unto God  (Novello)

by William Byrd

Summertime  (Alfred)

arr. by Mark Hayes

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