Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REGISTER NOW for the ACDA National Conference

Hi all,

Just a quick post to announce that I will be blogging for ChoralNet for the next four Saturdays. I will be sharing some of my ACDA national conference memories from the last conferences (LA, Miami, OK City, and Chicago) in hopes of encouraging newbies/fence-sitters to get on down to Dallas.

In addition to my own favorite memories, would any of you like to add a short one of your own? It could be something about a performance, an amazing interest session, meeting and networking with new people, something humorous- whatever you might like to share (and I will want to use your name). Of course we will keep it G or PG rated, por favor.

And in case it has crept up on you- the early registration (a savings of $50) ends after Feb. 15th. If YOU haven't registered get on it! Here is the link to the conference page. And if you haven't read what's going on March 13th-16th, you will be amazed by this conference which is jam-packed with so much great, varied stuff!


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