Friday, November 4, 2011

Day One Repertoire from the NCCO Conference in Ft Collins

Hi all!

I'm in Ft. Collins, CO at the home of Colorado State University and the site of the three-day National Collegiate Choral Organization's National Conference. Great stuff happening-- this is my first time attending even though I am officially a founding member.

Often when I am at such events people are grilling me via e-mail for what the repertoire is, and since things are really busy, I can't really blog a lot of details of events right now but I will give you the repertoire being sung here. All I ask is that you send $5 to the Paul Carey's Family Has Never Been To Hawaii Fund And It's About Time They Went. Please, unmarked bills only.

Capitalizations are from the programs, publishers in parentheses where supplied on the programs:

Day One-

Riverside City College Chamber Singers, dir. Jon Byun

Der Feuerreiter by Hugo Wolf (CF Peters)

Lay a Garland, by Robert Pearsall (

O lux beata Trinitas, by Ko Matsushita, (Carus)

O vos omnes, by Richard Birchard, (ms)

Alleluia, by Hyo-Won Woo (Chorus Center Publishing, South Korea)

Arizona State University Symphonic Chorale, dir. Gregory Gentry

Dnes Hristos (triple choir), by Vasily Titov

Mass, by some obscure dude named Stravinsky

University of British Columbia University Singers, dir. Graeme Langager

Ave Virgo sanctissima, by David Azurza (Oihu Hau)

Mitten wir in leben sind, by Mendelssohn (

(This translates as "Mitten, I love you, but where is your twin? -- my hands are very cold here in the foothills of the Rockies)

S I Do Mhaimeo, by David Mooney, (ECS)

Nigra Sum sed formosa, by Jean L'Hereitier (

I am the rose of Sharon, by Ivo Antognini (Alliance)

Melancholia, by Duke Ellington arr. by Rejean marois (ms)

College of Charleston Concert Choir, dir. by Robert Taylor

Choral Dances from Gloriana, by Benny Britten

Three Shakespeare Songs, by RV Williams

Movements from "The Passing of the Year", by Jonathan Dove

Capital University Concert Choir, directed by Lynda Hasseler

Forklaring, by Ola Gjeilo

Wondrous Love, by Steven Sametz

Tshiotsholoza, by Jeffery Ames

Himne, Roelof Temmingh
(My title for this is "Hmmm? Wha'...?" more info later)

Hear my prayer, O Lord, by Hank Purcell

Notre Pere, by Durufle

Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein rein Herz, by Brahms

(This translates as "I'm chafing here,God, please rent me a Hertz so I don't hafta walk no mo'")

Hey, I studied German for five years, don't pick on me

I Will Rise, by Chris Tomlin

Remember, send those donations in!


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