Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Choral Directors: Visit South Korea for little cost!

A Great Opportunity

I just received a notice about a repeat of last year’s Accolades International Tours Choral Director Tour of South Korea. This is an opportunity for any US choral director to visit South Korea for a week of musical performances and networking, discussion of tour opportunities, cultural and historic touring, local food, and so on for a small fraction of what these activities would cost you if you were to pick up the whole tab yourself. It’s all part of South Korea’s venture to make their land a top choir tour destination.

Here is a link to all the information:


And here is a link to my blogs about my visit to South Korea in Fall 2009, when Dr. Hak Won Yoon commissioned me to write a Missa Brevis for his amazing Incheon City Chorale, the group that wowed ACDA National conference attendees in Oklahoma City earlier in that year.


And, by the way, meeting Dr. Yoon and the chorale is part of the itinerary. FYI, I have no stake in this- just thought I would make sure people were aware of it, and would like you to know that South Korea and its people are wonderful.

The tour is in early January and you need to sign up by early October.

Accolades International Tours for the Arts/Group Travel Directors www.accoladestours.com ~ www.gtd.org ~ 800-747-2255 ~ 952-881-7811

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