Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Dutch cabinet scraps four professioanl ensembles/music education

From the internet: The coalition agreement of the new Dutch cabinet includes the statement that the Netherlands Broadcasting Music Center (MCO) is to be scrapped.

Without any further explanation the future of four highly renowned broadcasting ensembles has become uncertain. The rug is being pulled out from under a distinctively Dutch music culture that can be heard in abundance via radio, television, online, and live in well-filled concert halls such as the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht, at the Holland Festival, Pinkpop and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

The three radio orchestras and the Netherlands Radio Choir will have to disappear from the scene after 65 years of distinctive artistic work. The music library will be closed and MCO Education will have to disappoint hundreds of pupils in the region.

Please prevent the Music Center from closing down, and support our musicians. 38174 have preceded you and by doing so are sending politicians a clear signal.


You can go to their page to sign a protest- go to

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  1. Yet another example of why the arts should get out of the very unhealthy habit of depending upon governments for funding. The process requires constant costly battles, is uncertain in the best of times and sooner or later the rug ALWAYS gets yanked. The same effort devoted to reaching an audience willing to pay would yield more reliable results at lower cost.